Media F***s It Up For Kerry — Nick Berg Brings Back Reality And Tragedy


The mainstream media, doing its best to assist John Kerry has gone out of its way for the past several weeks to beat up the administration over the Iraqi Prison abuse. It has failed to objectively relate who the prisoners were (not that this excuses the abuse) and how they got to the prison — except to point out that some say some of the prisoners were there by mistake.

Then the Berg beheading came along.


Now the media treads delicately over this. They don’t want to show that torture and abuse. They tread lightly over who did it. They fail to point out that it probably would have happened any way and take no responsibility for it when the terrorists say they did it because of the release of pictures of Iraqi prisoners, which the media released.

Now the public is in a backlash as we all crash back to the cold hard reality of the matter — we fight a band of bloodthirsty, ruthless killers who decapitate. We cannot win if we show no violence ourselves.

The outrage over the prison scandal made us lose our focus. It was wrong, it was bad, it should be punished. But the terrorists who cut off Nick Berg’s head should be killed.

Remember this — if John Kerry was President, we’d probably just arrest the bastards. At least Bush will hunt them down and mete out our righteous wrath.

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