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Hat tip to Jonah Goldberg for this:

(U-WIRE) IOWA CITY, Iowa — Adhering to a policy instituted 10 years ago, but not always followed, the University of Iowa athletics department recently canceled a baseball game with Bradley University of Peoria, Ill., because of the school’s mascot.

The game was originally scheduled to be played today, but the athletics department canceled the nonconference game in February, recognizing that Bradley’s nickname — the Braves — falls under the university’s policy to not schedule nonconference games with teams that have American Indian mascots.

Steve Roe, a UI associate director of Sports Information, said the university’s Board in Control of Athletics implemented the policy in April 1994 in a response to those who were outraged by the stereotypical portrayal of American Indians in sports.

“At the time, that was an issue that some universities talked about,” Roe said. “Some acted, some didn’t. We did.”

While Iowa played Bradley’s baseball team the last two years, he said, he had no explanation why the policy was neglected.

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  • Regarding the University of Iowa’s refusal to play Bradley University, I applaud Iowa’s courage. The BU administration recently chose to retain its racist nickname, and I’m glad there are universities out there that value a group of people’s right to dignity over their sports program. It’s time higher education focus on their purpose for existence and stop running educational institutions like businesses.

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