waPo is doing its best to keep the prisoner abuse scandal going. I am amazed that so many people think tons of soldiers were involved. It appears to be about seven involved — I don’t think my father-in-law believes this despite the most recent reports confirming it.

When my FIL has trouble believing just seven people could do this, the PR has gone very badly for us. Thanks WaPo.

Being a conservative GOP’er, of course, my natural tendency is to think the press wants to keep on the story because of what it has done to Bush’s poll numbers. Thinking about it, though, I think the press (1) wants people to buy the papers and (2) is trying to be “fair” in light of stories about islamofascist outrages. But, I don’t think they are being fair. I think the media is skewing this story badly and I think it will have a backlash favorable to the President.