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I personally like Johnny Isakson, but I’m going to vote for Herman Cain in the GA GOP Primary. I may disagree with his vote, but this is a ballsy thing to do. In the Georgia GOP, you really can’t afford to piss off Sadie Fields.

The U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Johnny Isakson, a $3 million juggernaut steaming toward the July 20 primary, struck its first big pothole at 6:53 p.m. Wednesday.

That’s when the congressman cast his vote, again, to permit abortions to be carried out in military hospitals overseas — if the servicewomen or female military dependents use their own funds to pay for the procedure. The amendment, part of the bill to authorize $422.2 billion in defense spending, failed by a predictable vote of 221-202.

Immediately, the phone trees of Georgia’s anti-abortion forces started lighting up. Isakson’s uneasy truce with religious conservatives has suffered a heavy blow, and it might be at an end.

“We’re extremely disappointed in the congressman,” said Sadie Fields, executive director of the Georgia Christian Coalition. “This came out of the blue. All bets are off now.”

In past campaigns, Isakson had described himself as a pro-choice Republican. Fields had been silent on the U.S. Senate race and had been actively wooing Isakson to her pro-life side over the last 15 months.

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  • I worked long distance for Dr. Christina Jeffrey in the special election to fill Newton’s seat in GA-6. 1995?

    Isaakson was beloved of the GOP establishment, the people who have their papers sorted out but can’t find their feet.

    Christina came in second, and it wasn’t close.

    Isaakson has been groomed for this seat, and barring a revolution, he’s your next Senator. Like Specter, it’s maddening.

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