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Catesby Leigh, writing in the Weekly Standard, does not really care for the World War II Memorial.

Using lots of big words and architectural terms, and finding some good in with the bad, he makes clear that it should have been an Arch De Triumphe located somewhere else in the city. It kinda seems like he’d have preferred to be the designer and he’d have liked it if he designed it.

I saw the memorial when I was in Washington in March. I thought it was tasteful, calming, and simple, but inspiring — like the men and women who brought this country through the war. It was not overstated and, I thought, only slightly understated.

The only addition I would have made would have been either an awe inspiring statute of the “everyman” soldier, or a relief in marble of the war effort on the home front and the front lines.

I liked that there were no imposing statues of Patton and Eisenhower and Bradley, etc. They are focused on frequently. The every man is ignored.

All in all, I think people will like the memorial. Architects might not. Tough.

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  • I think the fuss over it is much ado about you know what. Bob Dole on TV today said the thing about it is that it’s going to be a living memorial, a place where there will be concerts, various events. The fact that it is A MEMORIAL and tasteful is enough…and Dole also made a point of saying that those from The Greatest Generation felt it was fine.

    Tonight at dinner (I am visiting my parents in CT even though I live and do my blog normally from San Diego CA) my brother was talking to my father who is 85 and ailing. He asked him about the memorial…why there wasn’t one before now. And he said it’s because his generation was too busy coming back from the war to WORK and focus on raising their families. Asking for a structure to honor them was the last thing on their minds.

    So all of the articles about how it could be this much better or that, misses the point: these guys were indeed too busy working to help their families and build the country to worry about a memorial. And now that they have it they feel honored.

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