48 Congressmen threaten Rome. It ain’t exactly the barbarians at the gate — more like the Barbieans, a a group of light weight frauds.

Forty-eight Roman Catholic members of Congress have warned in a letter to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., that US bishops will revive anti-Catholic bigotry and severely harm the church if they deny Communion to politicians who support abortion rights.

The letter’s signers, all Democrats, include at least three House members with strong antiabortion voting records.

“For many years Catholics were denied public office by voters who feared that they would take direction from the pope,” they wrote. “While that type of paranoid anti-Catholicism seems to be a thing of the past, attempts by church leaders today to influence votes by the threat of withholding a sacrament will revive latent anti-Catholic prejudice, which so many of us have worked so hard to overcome.”

Hell, I’d have to respect the church if it denied communion to the pols. A church living up to its fundamental principles?! That’s unheard of outside conservative evangelical protestant groups.