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I, [state your name], will never give my wife an honest answer again. I am tired of the mood swings when I do give an honest answer. I shall pray fervently for forgiveness, but nonetheless lie, lie, lie.

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  • My wife bought a new dress today. When she bought it, she told my daughter that she thought that I’d say it looked too old for her. She came home, asked me what I thought about the dress, I told her I thought it looked too old, then she unloaded.

    Why oh why didn’t I just say “It looks great, honey. Makes you look slimmer and younger?” You’d think after 14 years I’d know better.

  • There is a reason why Elmers Glue is white and little lies are called “Little White Lies”. They keep relationships together.

  • What did I do THIS time???

    So much for checking out my husband’s website because I want to find out what is on his mind today, so that I will be able to make intelligent conversation when I see the love of my life at home tonight. Instead, I just find out that he is upset at me, but rather than bringing it directly to my attention, he takes the passive-aggressive route of writing about it on the internet.

    What a great addition to an already tough day… worried about my parents who are on the verge of divorce, wondering how my week will go with our receptionist out of the office, and trying to figure out how to get our house cleaned up during the week so that I can spend time with my husband relaxed, as I heard him mention to a friend last night that he wanted.

    Nice to know that I’m supported by the one person I count on to back me up. Thanks a lot.

  • Check this out. My wife tries to drive the car out of the garage with the driver’s side door open, damaging both the car door and the framing of the garage door. When I saw the damage, I chuckled. So, she gets mad and says,

    “This is your fault!”

    I couldn’t have been more astonished. “How in the world can this be my fault?”

    “Well, if YOU would have gone to the store yesterday, then I wouldn’t have had to go today. It’s your fault and don’t try to back out of it.”

    Man! There is absolutely no way to win. The best thing I’ve found to do is become scarce. I go to the library often.

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