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You got that right – it’s time for this week’s Carnival of the Vanities, where bloggers submit their self appraised best post of the past week.

Perhaps I’ll finally get Instalanched. You reading Glenn??

Feel free to check out my site. As is customary, I, your humble and obedient host, will not post my best post of this past week or even my second best post of the week. Wouldn’t consider that.

So, now, with that introduction, on with the show:

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The Introduction
I thought this would be the perfect first post. The included picture truly shows how the left and right in the blogosphere react to each other. See Gleeful Extremist for the details.

The War & The Prison

Ann’s Fuse Box weighs in with Kofi and the war.

Small Town Country Girl thinks you might need a different perspective on Vietnam and Iraq.

Semi-Intelligent Thoughts looks at the Democratic Underground’s hypothetical response to Bush actually going to a military funeral. Heh.

The Iraqi Prison scandal continues at the Calico Cat.

Classical Values has a very good post on the “torture” in Iraq that will bump that blog up to my daily reading list.

Chuck Simmins, like me but much more so, ain’t really crying for the Iraqi prisoners.

The guys at QandO have a great post on the Taguba report. Damn, the media needs to hire these guys. If only the New York Pravda a/k/a was as competent as these guys in reporting facts and accurate observations.

Setting The World To Rights is talking about Come As You Are Wars. No, that doesn’t mean your birthday suit, Robert. Go back to studying for the bar.

Nikita Demosthenes has the picture that shows Bush cares and remembers the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

The Eleven Day Empire talks about a subject I consider to be a part of the War on Terror, though some disagree. You guessed it — the Israeli-Palestinian situation and the absurdity of a right of return. There’s some Tomfoolery there for you Brian.

Josh reports on Pat Tillman’s brother and there being no place for God at Pat’s funeral. This one’s a disappointer folks – not the post, just the facts Josh reports.

And now it’s that time for us to go to the other most popular subject in blogdom, or so it seems.

Politics & Ichabod Kerry a/k/a Gigolo John a/k/a John F***ing Kerry a/k/a You get the idea.

The American Mind, one of my daily reads (it should be one of yours too), thinks that Douglas Brinkley is overworked and a partisan hack therefore his books are crap – all crap (okay, that last part is an editorial comment on my part).

Leaking Pure White Noise leaks that John Kerry has sexual relations with pigs and that people need to stop recycling the same on political news.

The Smarter Cop looks at the number of times John Kerry has apologized. It’s a short look.

Sneakeasy’s Joint is questioning the citizenship of the flag.

Admiral Quixote has thoughts on the international impact of the Presidential Election.

Dissecting Leftism looks at why elitist are leftists.

Political Correctness Watch says British law will protect you living in a trailer if you are the right race. Have y’all seen the movie “Snatch.” That entry made me think of that. Funny movie.

Greenpeace got defeated by nuke folks says Greenie.

Spot On chose Opportunity.

Fringe thinks Kerry is like an eBay item.

Are you outraged that Sudan is on the UN Human Rights Commission??!! Tim Worstall discusses the outrage.

Dogs & Cats

Dog fans go here.

Cat fans go here.

And Now, Some Thoughts on Life

On Taken In Hand, in a post appropriately titled He who dares, wins, Bonnie has a great story about how she met her husband.

Little Diary answers why all the frat parties I attended in college (lots of them) were on Thursdays.

Andrew Ian Dodge chronicles the continuing adventures of G.o.D.

Solomonia shares a sense of belonging.

Brian Noggle is right. This deserves ridicule.

Caleb Walker has discovered my all time, say it every day (sorry Mom) phrase and life motto.

Quibbles-N-Bits spins a yarn about a place near and dear to my heart because I grew up there.

Da Goddess has a love letter from the little Dude.

The People’s Republic of Seabrook chronicles the travails of traveling to Breaux Bridge— an old stomping ground for this Louisiana native.

Wanna learn some top secret codewords? Do a crossword puzzle. This one is worth reading folks – not that the rest aren’t. But, this one really is.

Last, but definitely not least, let’s take a look at


Is heavy investment in R&D a guarantee of bottom line business success? According to two well-respected sources, the answer is “no.” Check out Small Business Trends for the details.

Well, that’s all folks. Y’all have a good night/tomorrow. Please be sure to refer others to the site for the Carnival.

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