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Sony has unveiled what is modestly being called an “iPod killer.” It is a portable music device using a hard drive system like the iPod. However, all early reports say the machine is definitely in a league of its own — a league no one else would want to enter given the poor reviews.

Also, and the main point of this post, Sony has created a propriety sound file called the ATRAC. Is it just me or does that sound too much like an 8 track for comfort? The 8-trac when the way of the cassette tape before the cassette tape. Poor acronym for the new sound file.

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  • A-TRAC! A-TRAC! I did a double take with unpleasant memories of 8-track tapes being eaten by my player while driving down the highway. You’re right. It’s a poor choice. However, I won’t be surprised if their next product line is called EDSEL.

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