The New York Times looks at the Kerry Veepstakes today. It seems I was right. When asked if Kerry would go for Edwards, my response has always been that Kerry is an egotist who would not select someone better looking or more articulate for the Veep spot. Also, there is a debate raging over whether to choose a governor or congressman.

The other question before Mr. Kerry and Mr. Johnson is whether Mr. Kerry should pick a member of Congress or a governor. Mr. Kerry’s aides said that there was intense pressure on Mr. Kerry by Democrats in the capital to choose a primary rival — Mr. Edwards or Mr. Gephardt — and they argued that the two politicians bring a wealth of knowledge, national experience and fund-raising contacts to a Kerry ticket.

Mr. Kerry was described by some Democrats who have talked to him as not sharing the enthusiasm that some Democrats have voiced for a Kerry-Edwards ticket. Some Democrats have argued that Mr. Edwards is a stronger campaigner, as was evident when watching the two on the primary trail.

Other Democrats have argued that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Johnson should choose a governor, in particular Mr. Vilsack or Mr. Richardson.

The argument for choosing a governor has gained weight, some Democrats argued, as Mr. Kerry has confronted the extent to which the White House intends to use his Senate votes to attack him. Some of his advisers expressed concern that adding another member of Congress would only make those attacks easier.