John J. Miller of National Review takes on Arlen Specter today. Here’s part:

Many Republicans would like to see Specter dumped, but they understandably wonder whether that’s a risky strategy when Republicans hold a slim majority in the Senate. Thankfully, GOP primary voters have an excellent alternative in Pat Toomey, an impressive congressman from Allentown whose lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union is 97 percent (compared to Specter’s 42 percent).
What’s more, nobody should regard Specter as invincible in the general election. Remember Lynn Yeakel? In 1992, she came out of nowhere and almost beat the entrenched senator, holding him to 49 percent and drawing 46 percent for herself.
So when Specter makes his case for yet another term, Pennsylvania Republicans should reply with two words: “Not proven.”

If you don’t get the “not proven” bit, read the whole thing.