Let’s talk about the semites for a minute. You know, the Israelis and the Palestinians, or the Jews and Arabs. You pick.

Bush has decided to support Israel’s right to keep some land taken in the 1960’s in exchange for a complete Palestinian state and no right of Palestinians to repatriate to Israel once that state is complete.

The Palestinians are up in arms. They wanted Bush to be “even handed.”

What does “even handed” mean to them.

I get the impression it means that they want Bush to take their side or no side.

Bush’s support is reasonable. Israel will pull out of the West Bank except for those regions that are so settled by Israel, it would be akin to uprooting part of the nation.

In exchange, the Palestinians will get a sovereign nation to call their own.

Sounds good to me.

The fact of the matter is we should tell the Palestinians to go to hell and give them nothing. Why should we support the creation of a nation-state that will serve to incubate terrorists? Beats me.