The Queen And The Frogs


Monarchist or not, you have to love the way British papers cover Her Majesty.

As mounted buglers from the Republican Guard heralded her arrival, it was Prince Philip who emerged first from the royal Bentley, with the Queen having to shuffle along the back seat.

It appeared protocol officers had either placed them in the wrong seats, or their car had driven the wrong way into the residence. It was one of a series of small mishaps that set the Queen laughing.

Another was when the pen handed to her by Paris’s mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, failed to work as she signed her name in the town hall visitors’ book.

A strong gust of wind sent the official cap of the Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, flying into the air as he welcomed her to the church of St Eustache.

Ah, the play by play.

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