One of the things that struck me this morning in church was on the need for people to have gods.

We have been studying Joshua for the past month or so and tracing the Israelites movement into the Promised Land.

Joshua, before he died, told the Israelites that he did not think they could be faithful to God. The Israelites said they could and Joshua told them that they were witnesses to themselves. Within one generation the Israelites had fallen in with the Ammorites and were worshiping other gods.

Similarly, when Moses when up to Sinai the people below the mountain cast an image of God in the form of a golden bull. That’s why God, in his commandments, told us to have no graven images of him. We come up with an idea of what God looks like and manifest that idea in an image we worship.

The history of the world tells me that we are incapable of not having a god. Even atheists, I believe, have gods of some form. The secular liberal who believes we can all worship whoever we call our god, likewise has gods.

What are those gods? I’m sure there are an infinite variety of gods to liberals. I think, however, the most important one in modern times is the god of peace. Yeah, I know that Christ is the Prince of Peace, but that’s not what I mean.

This entry continues into the extended portion, for those of you who will go nameless, but leave admissions of their oversight in the comments portion. Heh.

What I do mean is that a lot of the world, generally secular liberals, have this vision of peace, for the sake of peace, being the “be all end all” of our existence. Those who would go to war are the new heretics and devils. Those who fight against those would go to war are the new saints, apostles, and martyrs.

I think this explains the role of the United Nations to modern liberals. The United Nations building is the temple and its high priest is Kofi Annon. He is incompetent and incapable presiding over a corrupt institution, but the institution’s purpose is peace and so it is to be worshipped.

John Kerry belongs to the peace faith. He believes that the attacks against us in Iraq are a frustration from people who are tired of our war. He thinks we must bring in the United Nations to help.

Part of the peace faith is the tenet that there is a higher order of educated folk who are capable of bestowing peace. They are the servants of the god and work with the high priest. They are generally called diplomats and practice the magical art of diplomacy. All are at some point capable of entering into the faith and becoming believers, but a good many are not yet there.

When these lash out, like the Palestinians, they are just unbelievers and must be converted. Part of the conversion involves finding the source of that which causes them to lack peace and destroy it. For, it is assumed, if one is generating a lack of peace, the absence of the one generating a lack of peace will, therefore, bring peace.

So the high lords and priests look around and see which nations are developed enough to understand peace. They see the United States and Israel, two developed nations of educated and rich citizens. The high lords and priests of the god of peace determine that it must be their fault, because they are educated enough to understand peace and yet do not participate in it. The priests then determine that the United States and Israel must be the scapegoats for all the world’s problems.

I might not be exactly on point. But think about this concept. Think about the people who want “peace in our time” at any cost. Think about the people who see Christ as Prince of Peace, but ignore that he is also a vengeful God who will return to judge the quick and the dead.

It is the existence of this peace cult that causes a large part of the developed world to ignore painful truths – namely that we are in a war for our survival and we should use all power to destroy our foe, not just measured power.

Better to kill the Islamofascists and have their bodies eaten by pigs in front of the populace than to put them in jail for life. The former will destroy their hope of getting to paradise and cause them second thoughts. The latter will not deter them in the least.