Kerry has foreign leaders who support him. Apparently, Bush does too. At least with Bush’s foreign leaders, the whole nation will benefit. See here:

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. has promised President George W. Bush the Saudis will reduce oil prices before this November’s election to help the U.S. economy, according to Bob Woodward, author of a new book about the Iraq war.

Oil prices are “high, and they could go down very quickly,” Woodward said last night in an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

“That’s the Saudi pledge,” said Woodward. “Certainly over the summer or as we get closer to the election they could increase production several million barrels a day and the price would drop significantly.”

This is kind of stupid anyway. It doesn’t say that Bush demanded that. It says the Saudi’s told us that. Is Bush really going to say, “No, no. That would make it look political.” If he did that, Kerry would attack him for keeping oil prices high when the President had the opportunity to lower them.

Now Bush will get attacked for dropping oil prices. But, will the soccer mom or NASCAR dad really give a crap about what deal was made when they are suddenly no longer paying $50.00 to fill up their SUV?

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