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The Note looks at some pieces out there today suggesting that Bush is losing votes in rural America. The Note sums up my view best and cuts short the need for me to blog on the same subject:

John Glionna of the Los Angeles Times reports that “cracks have surfaced in President Bush’s once-solid rural constituency” and in key battleground states, “some Republicans are so concerned about crop prices and high unemployment that they’re considering voting Democratic for the first time.”

“Perhaps Bush’s greatest strength with rural voters is an emotional bond based on cultural values. They view him as someone who thinks like they do — a president who speaks their mind on issues like property rights, abortion and gay marriage.”LINK

The New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick leads his piece about President Bush’s conservative support strongly and succinctly: “A growing faction of conservatives is voicing doubts about a prolonged United States military involvement in Iraq, putting hawkish neoconservatives on the defensive and posing questions for President Bush about the degree of support he can expect from his political base.” LINK

In the end, however, it isn’t clear how deep the disillusionment is, beyond some Washington salons.

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  • Cultural values? The Bushes are as far removed from rural America as life on Mars. This is a family of elitist carpetbaggers that have been in power in American business since the Roosevelt administration: TR’s that is. The Red State populices are just duped into thinking W’s one of them. Bush would be the first to evict them the instant one of them couldn’t make a payment. Dad always bailed him out.

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