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Remember that crisis in the military? You know the one — soliders are not re-enlisting because of the evil Bush unjust war in Iraq. Well, read this in the Washington Times:

Army divisions that fought the past 12 months in Iraq have met virtually every re-enlistment goal, a sign that the all-volunteer force remains strong under the stress of frequent deployments and hazardous duty.

The Pentagon has been closely monitoring the re-up rate for five Army divisions that fought in Iraq for about a year. Some officials feared the time away from home and the gritty duty would prompt a large soldier exodus. After all, the war on terrorism is unchartered territory. The 30-year-old volunteer Army has never been this busy in combat.

But numbers compiled this week for the first half of fiscal 2004 show that those five combat units met, or nearly met, all retention targets for enlisted soldiers — the privates, corporals and sergeants who total 416,000 of the Army’s 490,000 active force.

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  • I’d be interested to know how that’s relating to their advertising campaign, or if it’s related to it at all. The Marines have never had a recruitment problem. The Army has increasingly had a recruitment problem, esp. in the 90s. Then, they changed their ad campaign from “Be All You Can Be” to “An Army of One”. But, 9/11 happened shortly afterwards, so it’s hard to say.

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