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NBC Nightly News says that Kerry threw “military honors,” not metals. Then they showed the clip where he said “metals” but talked over it so you couldn’t tell.


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  • Whether he threw ribbons, medals, or confetti, wasn’t Kerry wanting to convey to the cameras that he was forever discarding his military honors in protest of the VietNam war? What statement is made by throwing away one form of his medals in a very public fashion, and later laying prideful claim to the other form?

    He’s like a guy who would angrily throw away his “full” lunch bag in front of his wife as a statement on her lousy sandwiches, but later savor the sandwich that he had pulled out of the bag and hidden on the counter before the big show of contempt. And she would never know.

    Even from a young age, one can see Kerry positioning himself to have it both ways: to the protestors he threw away and reviled his medals; to voting constituents he reclaimed and campaigned on them in later life. Not sincere as a protestor, not sincere as a proud vet. He’s everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

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