The Los Angeles Times has a good article on the wave of freedome and growth sweeping through Iraq:

edged between the reports of murder and mayhem, the headline in the local paper was eye-catching: “Should you change your wallpaper for lighter tones?” it asked. “Do it once and you’ll see the results.”

Although there are no lifestyle magazines yet, no Baghdad style mavens and little cause for celebration until some basic security is in place, people are starting to improve a part of life they can control — the world behind their high walls and locked front doors.

Slowly but surely, ordinary Iraqis are redoing floors, hanging curtains, buying new pictures and feathering their nests after years of doing without.

Furniture and upholstery sellers are reporting strong demand, as are lighting firms, building contractors and plant stores. “I’ve been in this business a long time,” said Muthana Fahawi, a carpet merchant for 25 years in Baghdad’s Karada neighborhood. “Anyone who says the economy isn’t improving isn’t telling the truth. You can feel the money starting to flow.”

Read the whole article. It is quite good. The one thing it fails to mention, however, is that the economy is doing well and jobs are increasing because Bush was successful and our efforts are prevailing.