Meaningless Numbers


The Los Angeles Times has a poll out that purports to show that Bush does not care about average Americans in the minds of Americans. The details are here.

Asked to name the candidate who would be “best at protecting the financial security of the average American,” 47% named Kerry, while 34% picked Bush.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see my self as average. I see myself as above average. That’s the problem with this question. Sure, everyone knows the Dems are out to protect the little guy, but very few of those polled see themselves as the little guy.

Then there is this idiocy:

63% majority said the president was more concerned about corporations, while 21% said he was more concerned about workers. The view that the president sides with big business over rank-and-file workers has become more prevalent over time. In an August 2002 Times Poll, 55% felt that way.

Well, I’m glad the President cares about corporations since they employ most of us. Read down to the bottom of the article, in fact, and you’ll find this quote:

Curtis Blevins, a warehouse worker in northeast Ohio, said he believed the president was helping regular employees by responding to the needs of large corporations.

“Ordinary people work for big business,” said Blevins, 38. “If he doesn’t help big business, ordinary people are out on their duff…. I’m an ordinary person. I work for a big company. The more he helps the big companies, the more we get to hire. The easier our jobs become.”


I guess people are starting to realize that Condi is going to blow Clarke out of the water. It’s time to start fabricating a new story with which to bash Bush.

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