Mark A. Kilmer Makes Me Look Bad


Mark A. Kilmer of his self titled Political Annotation makes me look bad.

I want Teresa’s tax records revealed. I’m pretty sure that she’s been funnelling money to organizations that will dump a bunch of anti-Bush, pro-Kerry ads. But, I have no proof.

So, yeah, Mark is consistent on principle. She’s not running for office. She shouldn’t have to be in the spotlight if she doesn’t want to be — a la Judy Dean.

But, dammit, I want her to realease them because I’m a partisan SOB. If it was a Republican, the Dems would be all over it.

All things being equal, Mark is just a bigger guy than me (principally — I haven’t seen him in person). He’s right. If it was a GOPer, I’d be saying the wife should be able to keep her privacy. That road has to go both ways. So, yeah, however regrettable, I must say that, unless there is probable cause, Teresa should get to keep her taxes secret.

But, Republicans should keep pushing the point to show what a gigolo Kerry is. So there!

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