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I’ve caught up on a lot of day time TV today between bouts of running at top speed to the bathroom.

Between the DS9 marathon on SpikeTV, I caught some of Lou Dobbs. The seemingly normal and rather conservative Lou Dobbs is apparently on a tirade about outsourcing.

He had some guy on bemoaning outsourcing or, as he calls it “Exporting America.” Then he had a feature story entitled “Exporting America.” Then he referred people to his website that has a list of companies that are “exporting America.”

Damn, he sure can stay on message. The problem is he is conducting a news show without any balance. He does not have (or at least not today) competing views. He’s scaring the hell out of people about outsourcing when, in fact, outsourcing is a great thing for consumers and most everyone else.

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  • To the contrary, they regularly air alternate views. The opposing side often goes unchallenged in their claims, considering CNN’s passive nature. If it weren’t for the general theme of the show one might assume that Dobbs actually supported outsourcing.

    His concern is justified, not so much for the present as for the potential.

    If companies are allowed to shop around the world for the cheapest labor then Americans will fall short in the game. We simply can’t compete on that level.

    And, not only will manufacturing jobs and the ever-growing blue collar labor force be at risk but more, and more, professions will fall prey to these companies’ insatiable greed.

    This includes doctors, teachers, engineers and accountants, even lawyers. Few jobs will go unscathed because too many can be performed remotely. Resulting in a mounting lower class that the rest of have to support.

    Now, that’s scary.

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