Just like the Gallup poll came out today, the ABCNews/WaPo poll came out too.

Here’s what I find interesting. Those polled (the all Americans category, not just likely voters) were asked who they trust on a particular issue:
Kerry leads on the following:
Health Insurance (+6)
Social Security (+4)
Deficit (+1)
Jobs (+2)
Prescription Drugs (+3)

Bush leads on the following issues:
Terrorism (+21)
Iraq (+11)
Education (+3)
Taxes (+6)
Same-sex mariage (+16)

The candidates are equal on the economy. In March, Kerry was up 12.

The margin of error is 3%. So, Kerry is in the margin of error on three issues and Bush on just one. That issue, education, is a traditional Democratic issue.

In March, Kerry had been ahead on all issues except terrorism (Bush is in the same position, up 21), and same sex marriage (Bush went from up one to up sixteen).

This tells me that Kerry is weak in the issues, Bush is very strong on cultural issues and terrorism, people are recognizing that the economy is in improving shape, and Bush actually is incharge.

See the survey for yourself.

Kerry is screwed.