I find myself more and more these days reminding myself that it’s not even June. The President seems to stay on defense lately. News in Iraq is bad. There is still much darkness to wade through before the light.

Confidence comes in slow doses spread from speech to speech through the thicket of political commentary from people wondering when Bush will go on offense and is his money holding up, is MoveOn having an impact, will Kerry be able to define himself. Too many questions and too few answers.

I find myself at a saturation point and remind myself that too few people are yet paying attention for it to be a big deal except to us political junkies.

It’s frustrating.

The problem is that the media sets a tone that is not necessarily pro-Kerry but is decidedly anti-Bush. The distain for Kerry is there, but the animosity towards the country bumpkin Jesus lover is readily apparent.

I just keep repeating the mantra. We’re ahead already in electoral college votes based on population shifts. It is only April. People are voting against Bush, not Kerry and few people who are against something actually do anything. Kerry can’t win on hatred for Bush – he must offer an effective alternative.

Kerry can’t offer an effective alternative because he is not his own person.

I still haven’t fully convinced myself.

I’m ready for Bush to lay his cards on the table and kick ass.

I’m impatient because of what is at stake. All the more reason to be patient I suppose.

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