George Clooney just decided to believe his dad is running for Congress:

It’s recently been brought to my attention that my father, Nick Clooney, has been running for Congress from the 4th District of Kentucky. Although he told me, I didn’t really believe him until I started reading all the stories about myself in the paper.

I call bullsh-t. Of course, look at the fine Clintonesque language, “It’s recently been brought to my attention…”.

Well, okay George. Reports started appearing in November of last year. The Chicago Sun Times ran this article on November 25, 2003. The Sacramento Bee ran this article on January 3, 2004. It may have taken you a while to discover your dad is running.

But, if you just “recently” discovered it, why did you give your dad’s Congressional campaign $4000.00 on December 9, 2003? That’s what the FEC shows here.

George, it’s all well and good. And, it is rather insignificant. But, it is kind of ridiculous to say you just recently discovered it.

It is also ridiculous to say your father should be judged in his own right when, to a large degree, he is getting attention because of his relationship to you. In fact, George, is that why you actually wrote the letter — to remind people that a Congressional candidate in Kentucky is George Clooney’s father? Are you making a subtle play for women voters?

Yeah, we can agree that people should look to his positions, which I disagree with. But, you have been out campaigning for him. You’ve no doubt assailed his oppponet — of course you’ve criticized the President. So, why are you above criticism. And, why is it unfair to attack your left wing positions in connection with your father’s campaign?

I certainly would disagree with those who attack your dad because he is your dad. That would be wrong. My father is no more responsible for my actions than I am for his. But, if I am rabidly anti-Bush and went out to campaign for my father, I think my criticism would be fair game in the campaign.

All in all, though, you’re still one heck of an actor. Can’t wait for the Ocean’s Eleven sequel!