It’s a busy day so the blogging is light. But, I stopped for just a minute to read the newest Florence King piece at NRO. It’s here and you should read the whole thing. Here’s a part:

When people stop reading the Bible and Shakespeare they cut themselves off from an enormous number of figures of speech used in the English language. Growing up without these models, they never develop the habit of using simile and metaphor themselves. Eventually they develop a fear and loathing of all such literary conventions and a conviction that anyone who uses them is being somehow “insincere.” No wonder ringing political oratory is dead. No candidate would dare.

The uneducated have always been prone to paranoia because so much that they don’t understand is always swirling around them. One “whom” and they think they are being snubbed; a speaker who alternates “if it was” and “if it were” is tricky; and people who use “big words” are making fun of them. Uneducated people with college degrees are even more touchy, and their numbers are steadily increasing.

The American way of solving problems like these is to turn everybody into an Igno so that nobody will know the difference. Moviemakers are doing their part by promoting Igno literal-mindedness, replacing subtlety, indirection, and symbolism with writhing nude bodies and oceans of blood.

It was bound to happen. When there are no imaginations left, nothing is left to the imagination.