Like Secretaries Day a/k/a Administrative Professionals Day, Earth Day is a crap holiday. While the former are capitalist holidays driven by Hallmark’s desire to sell more cards, the latter is a lefty holiday meant to education people on what awful animals they are. Here is some food for thought.

There is no doubt that the environments of wealthy, developed countries are considerably healthier today than on the first Earth Day. Air and water are cleaner. Human life expectancies are longer. Forests are abundant and growing. Developed countries have wanted improved environments and they have been wealthy enough to afford them.

But the story is much different elsewhere. Indeed, for much of the rest of the world, conditions are worse than they should be. Ironically, the very movement that made its presence felt in rallies across this country in 1970 and that thrives in the developed world today must shoulder much of the blame for the developing world’s sorry state. It is impeding both economic and environmental progress due to an agenda that is anti-development, anti- technology and, in the final analysis, anti-human.

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