I thought I heard a huge explosion earlier. Looks like I was right:

President Bush’s reelection campaign has exceeded its fund-raising goal of $170 million nearly five months ahead of schedule, cementing its cash advantage over Democrat John Kerry in the hard-fought presidential race, Bush campaign officials said on Friday.

Bush has raised more than $182 million — far more than any campaign in history — and has begun to shift his focus to helping the Republican Party tighten its grip on Congress, officials said.

In the first quarter of 2004 alone, the Republican president topped the $50 million raised by Kerry, a Bush campaign official said on condition of anonymity.

“We have exceeded our stated goal of raising $170 million” before the Republican convention in August, the campaign aide told reporters traveling with the president. The total shatters the $100 million record Bush set in his 2000 contest against Democrat Al Gore.

Bush’s campaign has not released first quarter figures but said it had raised $158.2 million by the end of February.

Though I’m not sure if it was Bush exploding the record or Kerry imploding his campaign.

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