My oldest sister, Liefje, sent out an email tonight to a group of friends that shows me and pictures of her three kids, my nieces. Her point was to show that my dad had strong genes and all my nieces (and my nephew) look like me to one degree or another. I tracked down the original Erickson kid photo from below. It must have been from 1978 or so. My sister Gretchen is on the left, with me in the center, and Liefje on the right.


I think Gretchen is holding the bunny because it is Easter. Another good reason to post it. It’s just about that time of year. As happens sometimes, this year Easter will fall on Liefje’s birthday. Gretchen’s comes two days earlier and between the two is our favorite aunt’s birthday, though she (Aunt Shirley) is only an aunt through close family friendship, not blood. She’s more mother, but then we three already have a great mom.

Happy Birthday early to you three.