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Is found here. Put this in the “Oh Sh–!” category.

Normally you couldn’t get me to touch a trade-theft lawsuit. It’s nothing but he said, she said and then, after a ridiculously long time, a verdict.

A notable exception is the long-running suit by privately held (and now bankrupt) Jasmine Networks alleging the theft of trade secrets by Marvell Technology Group. And it’s not the allegations of theft that make this interesting.

The interesting part is tied to a recent California Court of Appeal ruling regarding an injunction issued earlier in this case — a ruling that has received little in the way of media attention (yet!).

The whole episode, in fact, is so bizarre that it reminds me of the famous tale of the kids’ show host who forgot his microphone was on and blurted something like, “That should take care of those little bastards for now.”

Read the whole thing.

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