PoliBlog has given up reading certain blogs because they are so ideological, they are uninformative (I’m putting his point in a nutshell).

I agree.

This is a partisan site. I am a Republican. I disagree with the Democrats. I have cutesy little names for some — like Gigolo John for John Kerry. But they’re done more in jest than anything else.

The fact of the matter is that I agree with Steven, PoliBlog’s author. I don’t read Atrios or Koss anymore and rarely read Little Green Footballs anymore.

Yeah, it’s nice to have somebody slam the other side, a la Ann Coulter (who I don’t read), but I’d rather have an argument on issues, not attacks on the argument maker.

We get no where when we descend into ad hominem attacks on the debater and ignore the issue. I have to restrain myself sometimes and I sometimes fail. But, I try.

My rule of thumb is to never read any site that cannot bring itself to criticize its own side. That’s why places like NewsMax are out for me. They’re still attacking the Clinton administration.

Unfortunately, this has gone on so long that it is difficult to make rational, intelligent arguments now. I struggle with critical thinking skills because (1) I’m a lawyer and need to practice and (2) it’s just so darn easy to ignore the issue and destroy the opponent.

Actually, we should not be destroying the opponent, we should be building ourselves and the opponent up with a willingness to discuss facts that might conflict with our world view.