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No one ever really thinks one vote matters. Even with the 2000 election, most people scoff at the notion that one vote can really count for something. Well, one vote can make a difference. See here.

Greg Burrell’s side came out on the losing end of Tuesday’s liquor-by-the-drink referendum, but he sees a positive lesson in the outcome.
“This is a great indicator for people who think their votes don’t count,” said the music minister of Barnesville First Baptist Church. “One or two people could have made a difference.”

One person, in fact, did make a difference, but Burrell wanted a different difference. The vote will allow restaurants to serve mixed drinks.
The referendum ended in a tie at 308, but it turned on one provisional ballot that wasn’t opened until Wednesday.

One woman came to vote but her name wasn’t on the registrar’s list, according to election superintendent Carolyn Parker. She was allowed to cast a provisional ballot.

By Wednesday, registrars determined that woman was an eligible voter and the ballot was opened. That made the count 309-308 in favor of the referendum.

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  • Every vote counts. Not only should everyone get out there and vote, they should join the Bush grassroots ‘get out the vote’ efforts: 72 hours before the election, the Bush campaign sets up phone banks to call republicans and remind them of the stakes in the election. Volunteer!!

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