I think this is kinda funny. The liberal radio network bought a black radio network and is putting all its white/jewish talk shot hosts on air. They just assume that “the black folk” will want to listen to Al Franken.

Air America Radio plans on using what it terms a roundup of “progressive activists” and “celebrities” as part of the activist left’s efforts to counter the national popularity of White, Right-wing conservative talk shows and radio personalities. The network will begin broadcasting shows from across the country on March 31 over WLIB and radio stations WNTD in Chicago and Los Angeles’ KBLA.

“I don’t get it. I mean, I do not get it,” local activist Elombe Brath said about Air America Radio’s takeover at WLIB. Reports are that WLIB’s 40th floor station has been remodeled for Air America, and that the 30th and 39th floors are also being re-built to suit the needs of the new network.

Brath, who hosts and produces the show “Afrikaleidoscope” on WBAI-FM, and who played a part in the Afrocentric reorganization of WLIB’s programming back in the early 1980s, complained that if listenership was down at WLIB, the station should have restructured from within as it did in the 1980s.

Black democrats, remember: You are only wanted by the Democrats on election day.