John J. Miller has a great column on the WSJ Taste Page about conservatives on campus:

The anonymous posters began to speckle the campus of St. Lawrence University in upstate New York last month. They carried an eye-grabbing message–“Republicans: The Other White Meat.”

Elizabeth Wardell, a senior, thought she knew who was responsible for their appearance: a certain assistant professor with the reputation of a provocateur. Surfing around her school’s Web site, she landed on the sociology department’s homepage and read a paragraph about Robert J. Torres. Then she clicked on his name and was transported to his personal blog. There, Ms. Wardell–who is president of the local College Republicans–discovered an entry headlined “Fascist, Racist College Republicans.”

Politics on the Internet can be a nasty business, but what Mr. Torres spewed forth was unusually obnoxious. His condemnation of the Grand Old Party’s youngest members was angrier than a Howard Dean hissy fit and cruder than John Kerry’s potty-mouthed interview with Rolling Stone. The professor denounced everything from “the Saddam s—” (the liberation of Iraq) to “economic policies that favor rich, white f—s” (tax cuts).

“I couldn’t believe that one of our professors would write such hateful things,” says Ms. Wardell.

Mr. Torres insists that browbeating College Republicans is just a hobby he pursues in his spare time. “What I do on my blog is personal,” he says. The administration at St. Lawrence University seems to agree, or not to care. It says it won’t remove the link from its official Web site to Mr. Torres’s private one, despite requests from Ms. Wardell and others.

And that’s just the intro…