Well, I thought I’d give a progress report. I’m skipping out on the research lecture because it is more of a why and what than a how. I’m very comfortable with the first two.

Things are going well. I’m learning a lot. As I’ve said before, I’ve worked on and managed campaigns for ten years, but I’ve never had formal training. This program has the best and brightest in the conservative movement teaching in an organized manner.

Most of political management is very simple and easy, but it is so obvious you over look it. Having it all laid out in a systematic manner is quite helpful.

Last night I went out and drank why too much, which was like the night before, but more so. I went out with a McCain staffer who is also at the school. We stayed out till midnight drinking beer and playing Golden Tee 2005. Then we went to an all night diner for pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

This was after an abbreviated day followed by a trip to McCain’s office and Chinatown for food. The food was okay. It was, however, Cantonese, which I find to be more bland than either Szechan, my favorite, or Mandarin.

Today we go until 5:30. After that, I plan to blog for a while.

Stay tuned. No drinking tonight to make up for the last three nights. Okay, well maybe a beer with supper, but that’ll be it.