The Clarke Affair


Okay, I spent most everyday in class from 9-6 and at bars afterwards, but I was in D.C. with a lot of political types. Hardly anyone paid attention to the Clarke affair. Everyone, even the Dems I talked to (though they were enjoying it) viewed it as a second rate media spectacle without much credibility because Kerry has kept trumpeting the guy, who admitted to voting for Al Gore.

Also, when you keep referring to someone as “Dick Clarke,” he tends to lose credibility with just his name.

This “scandal” has more to do with the media needing something in a bit of downtime to fill the void.

As we learned in the campaign leadership school, Kerry will keep driving the story as long as it suits his purposes. Bush will need to either fully explain it or change the subject quickly.

I do think it is interesting that, according to CNN, 65% of people say their opinion has not changed about the Bush/Iraq issue and 10% say they have a more positive view of Bush.

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