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Jeff, a comment poster from yesterday, writes in response to a post:

Using scenes of the WTC towers also helps him use a tragedy to his advantage. Nevermind the widows and friends who died there. It’s all about how Bush proved his leadership abilities and then threw the country into a completely unnecessary war. Maybe instead of saying he approves this message he should say, “I’m President Bush and I am a tool of corporate interests and evangelicals.”

This appears to be the liberal response.

I personally think it would be stupid if the President didn’t mention 9/11. That even is the ~2700 lbs. gorilla in the room that everybody notices and that this President will be forever defined from.

Kerry gets to mention Vietnam, but Bush doesn’t get to mention 9/11. What about the soldiers killed in Vietnam who don’t won’t Kerry to use that war as a political issue? Will the same standard apply? I doubt it.

I think only people predisposed to hate Bush will be put off by the ads. Why? Because they know those ads are powerful reminders that we don’t need a peacenik sellout in charge right now.

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  • Erick,

    you notice how quickly they got 9/11 families to blast Bush? Gee, they didn’t have those quotes ready to go, did they?

    I’d like them to quote a 9/11 victim’s family member saying, “I wish the Democrats hated the man responsible, bin Laden, as much as they hate Bush.”

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