Mark Z. Barabak does a standard take on the “woe as me travails” of a handful of regularly reported on GOPers who want to be anonymous:

As President Bush steps up his reelection bid, key Republican officials and strategists are expressing concern about his campaign, saying the White House took too long to engage in the race and lacks a clear strategy for addressing voters’ economic worries.

While most Republicans remain confident that Bush will win a second term, there is a growing sense within the party that the battle with Sen. John F. Kerry is likely to be closer and harder-fought that many thought just a few weeks ago.

“People are anxious,” said David Carney, a Republican strategist in New Hampshire and White House political director for Bush’s father. “There’s a lot of fretting going on out there.”

People, get a life. Mondale and Dukakis were both ahead of Reagan and Bush 41 until well into July and August of their election years. Deal with it.

The Dems have gotten a free media ride, they’ve been beating the heck out of Bush for months on end with little response, and Bush is still even with Kerry.