I have not been on the ski slopes. But, I know lots of people who say snowboarders are generally pot heads who tear up the slopes, raise hell, and have a lot of fun at everyone else’s expense. It looks like fun to me. Nonetheless, lots of my friends who ski have real issues with snowboarders becuase of their seemingly juvenile ways. But, it looks cool and they think their cool. I guess that is why John Kerry got in on the act:

Notice how Kerry doesn’t seem to have an identity. He really is a Manchurian Candidate or a New England man of mystery. He gets on his motorcycle, he snowboards, he acts like one of those millionaires who never grew up. He could be.

I wonder how great of a leader he really could have been on that boat. He seems so indecisive now. He can’t pick a position and keep it for more than two minutes. He tries hard to seem tough and rugged when we all know he keeps the fingernails on his left hand long so he can play the classical guitar.

The man is a tool. He is a gigolo. He hooks up with rich women and lives off of them. He expects people to cater to his needs. Kerry apparently has no interest in catering to the needs of the American people. He does not want to build us up — he wants to keep us down so we can’t afford to go to his private retreats in Italy and Idaho and mingle with him.

Kerry is an elitist who thinks he knows better. His positions are nuanced because he thinks subtlety makes him appear intelligent when it really makes him appear to be a feckle opportunist using the masses to elevate him where he thinks he deserves to be.