Hat Tip to Southern Appeal for this:

The U.S. Supreme Court has become a political institution where nine lawyers using the “enormously seductive living Constitution” have only helped to curb the liberties and freedoms guaranteed under it, Justice Antonin Scalia said Tuesday.

The justice told a gathering of about 700 at the College of William and Mary that his colleagues misinterpret the Constitution as something that must change with the times.

Scalia defended his strict interpretation of the Constitution as a “very efficient system” that answers questions regarding gay and abortion rights, the death penalty and assisted suicides.

“I cannot do the horrible, conservative things I would like to do to society,” Scalia said, adding that he believes he must follow the script laid down by the Founding Fathers.

Scalia, a Reagan appointee considered the most conservative on the court, said his rulings are not based on social preferences but rather how the Constitution should be applied.

“I don’t like bearded sandal-wearing weirdos burning the flag,” he said, but he voted in favor of the ruling that gives people the right to do so under the First Amendment.

Read the whole thing. It’s good.