You say you are opposed to gay marriage, but you don’t believe the Constitution should be amended. But, isn’t the constitution being amended without an amendment? Isn’t a new interpretation of marriage a new concept?

What you are saying appears to be that liberals can “interpret the constition,” but conservatives are not allowed to do the same. Are you saying that liberals can change the meaning of the constitution without a democratic process, but conservatives cannot use a democratic process to perserve a 2,000 year old tradition?

Am I to conclude that you believe liberal sensibilities, despite being (according to most polls) a minority view are better than conservative sensibilities even though conservative sensibilities appear to be the majority view — particularly on gay marriage? And, does that then mean that liberals can say the constitution means whatever they want it to mean without ever amending it and I can do nothing? If the answer to that is yes, does that mean you could give a rat’s ass about my opinions and, if I don’t like your liberal sensibilities I should just move? If the answer to that is yes, where should I move?

Lastly, if liberals can say the law is whatever they get a judge to say it is without use of a democratic process, can we just get this over with and scrap the constitution?