Hat tip to KLo for this:

I needed a new cell phone and service plan, so I visited a nearby Verizon store. I’d previously suffered through two unattractive, free phones with my other plans, so when it came to choosing my new phone this time, money was no object, and aesthetics was everything. After a prolonged period of touching, feeling, holding, grasping, opening, closing, etc. the many models on display, I happily decided upon a lovely little flip-top Samsung. What a gorgeous piece of modern technology! Me and you, my new, cute little flip-top phone — we’re gonna have fun times together, you just wait and see!

I finished up at the Verizon store and returned to my apartment. I sat on the edge of my bed, reading through the manual, new phone beside me, when all of a sudden, it rang! Granted, a ringing cell phone is nothing out of the ordinary, but what surprised me here was I hadn’t given anyone my new number yet, so who could possibly be calling me? The Caller ID flashed, “Restricted” which wasn’t any help.

I picked up the phone, flipped open the top and questioned, “Uh, hell-o?” “Is Chris Rock there?” Chris Rock?! Of course not! That’s ridiculous. “No,” I replied. I figured his asking for “Chris Rock” must have been some sort of inside joke with a friend, but he’d dialed my number instead of his friend’s by mistake. I continued, “This is my cell phone number — so you’ve got the wrong number.” “Oh,” the caller replied, “I must have dialed wrong.” We hung up, and I didn’t think anything more of it. . . .

The whole thing is pretty good.