Tomfoolery of the Highest Order has lots of tomfoolery going on in Los Angeles:

[A] woman won the Los Angeles Marathon. David Kirui, according to the L.A. Times:

[F]ailed to catch the top two female finishers who started more than 20 minutes ahead of him.

Get that. He was a “failure” because he did not beat the fastest woman by 20 minutes!! (As expected, the article did not mention that 15 men ran a better time than she did. I had to hear that fact on KFI-AM)

Women want equality — or do they? It seems that women’s groups like to preach equality while practicing gender advantage. Minority groups have a tendency to do that. They want to preach equality, but then they want special rules that destroy that equality. A white man killing a white man is no big deal. A white man killing a black man is a hate crime with harsher penalties.

A woman getting a headstart in a race is not equality. It’s pathetic.

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  • Here we have two-dimensional logic that defines “equal” as “the same as”. We see the danger in this kind of defective thinking in the way this little gem expanded into racist propaganda. Of course the white-dominated justice system discriminates against white men! That’s why five percent of our general population (black males) makes up seventy-five percent of our prison population.

    Statistically speaking, in America, black men are sentenced twice as harshly as white men for the same offence.

    In the land of freedom, truth, and justice, THAT is pathetic.

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