The Washington Times takes on Martha Burk, who was the love child of the New York Pravda last year.

Martha Burk and her crusade against the men-only membership policy of Augusta National Golf Club have faded into relative obscurity.

Mrs. Burk, chairwoman of the D.C.-based National Council of Women’s Organizations, made guest appearances on every major network in the months preceding last year’s Masters, railing against both the prestigious club and its intractable chairman, Hootie Johnson.

She was a regular on the front pages of the nation’s most influential newspapers — particularly in the New York Times, which featured her in 102 stories through last April. And though her message ultimately did not resonate with the American public, precious few could claim they didn’t hear it.

This is a great example of out of touch liberal elites driving their agenda over the backs of fly over country. No one really cared about the issue except the editor of the Pravda and a few other media elites. And what happened? The greatest thing ever:

CBS, which reportedly is being charged a reduced-rights fee and is receiving production-cost assistance from Augusta National, will broadcast 7 1/2 hours of live, uninterrupted weekend coverage at the tournament from April 8 to 11. According to Johnson, the club’s finances are so strong that the commercial-free arrangement could continue in perpetuity.

Ah, heaven for every man!
As the Washington Times points out

Mr. Johnson and Augusta National’s 300 greencoats appear to have successfully weathered last year’s storm. The media is fixated on a new Martha. Meanwhile, Hootie’s still standing, and there’s still only one Masters.