John Kerry, proving he has only political opportunism in his spine, is attacking the President over gas prices.

In a high-octane election year fight, Democrat John Kerry on Tuesday sought to lay the blame for soaring gas prices on a resistant Republican administration while President Bush warned of higher gas taxes from “some in the other party in Washington.”

The presumptive Democratic nominee complained that Bush has not taken steps to drive prices down, calling on the administration to stop pumping oil into the nation’s emergency stockpile until Americans see cheaper prices. The administration has rejected that notion.

This from the guy who opposes drilling in ANWAR, wanted to raise gasoline taxes, opposes drilling off the American coast, backed huge union labor demands that have driven up the cost of labor in the domestic oil production market, and generally hates oil production.

So, Kerry participates in the Senate to instigate all the major controllable factors causing an increase in oil prices and then blames Bush.

It’s like Brutus blaming Ceasar for walking into the knives.

Classy guy.

Oh, and Kerry wants to release oil reserves. Does the guy have no sense of the economics. I bet some of his foreign leader endorsements are from OPEC leaders intent on ousting Bush, lest he force them to democratize.

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