No, not the television show, this:

The early morning operation ended a six-month stand-off during which locals had protested about the replacement of their favourite monk.

Many elderly people, with coats pulled on over their nightclothes, came out to demonstrate when the police arrived.

“I tried to raise the alarm, but they cut off the power,” one said.

The saga began in August, when church authorities tried to send a new priest to the village of Trasacco, near L’Aquila in the Abruzzi mountains.

Locals bricked up the door, keeping their 67-year-old white-bearded Capuchin friar, Father Emilio Succhiella, a “prisoner of love” for 10 days.

The villagers are devoted to the Capuchins, who have served them for the last 430 years.

They began a sit-in to prevent the new priest taking over, which lasted until the police intervened on Monday.

Leave it to the Beeb to only give the side of the perceived victims. I want to know why the priest was being replaced by someone new. Hmmm….

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