We should start with Aristide

Aristide was adamant that he remained Haiti’s legitimate leader, but was coy about his plans. “Let us be wise enough to continue to listen to the voice of the Haitian people,” he said. “They will always know I cannot forget their suffering.”

Aristide said he hoped his supporters in Haiti would find comfort in his proximity. “I do believe many Haitians who are poor or suffering, or in hiding, think that if I am closer physically, it’s better for them instead of being far away,” he said.

The mission to return Aristide to the region was organized by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Randall Robinson, former president of TransAfrica Forum, a Washington lobbying and research group, and Aristide’s Miami attorney, Ira Kurzban. He was greeted at the Kingston airport by Jamaica’s prime minister, P. J. Patterson.

It is amazing how even black leaders in other countries can, after close proximity to our local race baiters, place the race card and be ungrateful for all this country has done.