Hoisted On His Own Petard


That’s what the American Thinker says about this:

One of Berkeley’s legion of “progressive activists,” a leader in the fight to pass the city’s draconian rent control law, has just been ordered to pay over 100 thousand dollars to his former tenants, thanks to the very law he championed. Michael Berkowitz, an aide to an ultra-leftist Berkeley City Council member (who somehow manages to find the time to simultaneously pull down a second salary as chief of information services and neighborhood planning for the City of San Francisco) is the latest leftist to be hoisted on his own petard.

The city’s normally pro-tenant Rent Stabilization Board found that Berkowitz had willfully misrepresented his residency status at his 2820 Derby St. property to skirt rent control. As a result, a total award of $112,382.40 will be held in escrow while all of the former tenants are located.


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