I am a huge believer in historic preservation and have been a member of the National Trust For Historic Preservation (“NTFHP”) for a number of years. I let my membership lapse and had not renewed it.

I think I will refrain from rejoining.

I just got a call from a telemarketer in Los Angeles who is asking for renewals to the NTFHP. He started off by saying that the NTFHP let go of $7mil or bil (couldn’t understand) of funds because those funds were given by “corporations and big businesses” that were buidling on the historic land.

I’m sympathetic tto the NTFHP’s purpose of perserving historic properties and encouraging businesses to adapt to historic building instead of tearing down and building some aluminum warehouse.

But, to adopt the language of the left to champion historic preservation hurts the cause and makes me wonder if the NTFHP is pushing preservation or pushing a leftist environmental wacko agenda.

I decline to rejoin the fight at this time.