Michael Graham sums up Edwards nicely:

Since losing Virginia and Tennessee on February 10, there has been no chance that John Edwards was going to win the Democratic nomination. And while the press corps is ready to roll on a “Kerry/Edwards” ticket right now, knowledgeable observers know that Edwards is unlikely to make the short list. He’s not a moderate, he’s not experienced, he’s not a policy heavyweight on matters foreign or domestic and, if you talk to voters in North Carolina, he’s not even much of a southerner.

But if you were casting a TV show where a dozen beautiful, female swing voters were battling for the attentions of an incumbent U.S. senator, John Edwards would be the go-to guy.

I’ve always said it has to be a large ego that runs for an executive branch office with only one term in a legislative office — ever.

That, and the fact that Edwards would probably have lost North Carolina anyway as a Senator.

I also don’t believe Kerry will pick Edwards. (1) Kerry is an egomaniac who doesn’t want someone better looking or more articulate to upstage him; (2) Kerry is a legislator and DC insider, he needs an executive branch offical, outside DC, to help pull in voters (read: Southern governor or Bill Richardson); (3) Edwards did himself no favors with a failed campaign that lost to Marvin the Martian in Hawaii.